Yeelight Wifi Bulb

The yeelight light platform allows you to control your Yeelight Wifi bulbs with Home Assistant. There are two possible methods for configuration of the Yeelight: Manual or Automatic.

Example configuration (Automatic)

After the lights are connected to the WiFi network and have been detected in Home Assistant, the discovered names will be shown in the Light section of the Overview view. Add the following lines to your customize.yaml file:

# Example customize.yaml entry
  friendly_name: Living Room
  friendly_name: Downstairs Toilet

Example configuration (Manual)

To enable those lights, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    - yeelight
  - platform: yeelight
        name: Living Room

Configuration Variables


(map)(Required)List of Yeelight devices.


(map)(Required)IP address of the bulb.


(string)(Optional)A friendly name for the device.


(integer)(Optional)Smooth transitions over time (in ms).

Default value: 350


(boolean)(Optional)Enable music mode.

Default value: false


(boolean)(Optional)Saves the bulb state in its nonvolatile memory when changed from Home Assistant.

Default value: false


(string)(Optional)Yeelight model. Possible values are mono1, color1, color2, strip1, bslamp1, ceiling1, ceiling2, ceiling3, ceiling4. The setting is used to enable model specific features f.e. a particular color temperature range.

Music mode

Per default the bulb limits the amount of requests per minute to 60, a limitation which can be bypassed by enabling the music mode. In music mode the bulb is commanded to connect back to a socket provided by the component and it tries to keep the connection open, which may not be wanted in all use-cases. Also note that bulbs in music mode will not update their state to “unavailable” if they are disconnected, which can cause delays in Home Assistant. Bulbs in music mode may also not react to commands from HASS the first time if the connection is dropped. If you experience this issue, turn the light off and back on again in the frontend and everything will return to normal.

Initial setup

Before trying to control your light through Home Assistant, you have to setup your bulb using Yeelight app. ( Android, IOS ). In the bulb property, you have to enable “LAN Mode” (previously called “Developer mode”). LAN mode may only be available with the latest firmware installed on your bulb. Firmware can be updated in the application after connecting the bulb. Determine your bulb IP (using router, software, ping…). Information on how to enable “LAN Mode” can be found here.

Supported models

This component is tested to work with the following models. If you have a different model and it is working please let us know.

Model ID Model number Product name
mono1 YLDP01YL LED Bulb (White)
? YLDP05YL LED Bulb (White) - 2nd generation
color1 YLDP02YL LED Bulb (Color)
color1 YLDP03YL LED Bulb (Color) - E26
color2 YLDP06YL LED Bulb (Color) - 2nd generation
strip1 YLDD01YL Lightstrip (Color)
strip1 YLDD02YL Lightstrip (Color)
? YLDD04YL Lightstrip (Color)
bslamp1 MJCTD01YL Xiaomi Mijia Bedside Lamp - WIFI Version!
lamp1 MJTD01YL Xiaomi Mijia Smart LED Desk Lamp (autodiscovery isn’t possible because the device doesn’t support mDNS due to the small amount of RAM)
ceiling1 YLXD01YL Yeelight Ceiling Light
ceiling2 YLXD03YL Yeelight Ceiling Light - Youth Version
?, may be ceiling3 YLXD04YL Yeelight Ceiling Light (Jiaoyue 450)
ceiling3 YLXD05YL Yeelight Ceiling Light (Jiaoyue 480)
ceiling4 YLXD02YL Yeelight Ceiling Light (Jiaoyue 650)

Platform Services

Service light.yeelight_set_mode

Set an operation mode.

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes Only act on a specific yeelight. Else targets all.
mode no Operation mode. Valid values are ‘last’, ‘normal’, ‘rgb’, ‘hsv’, ‘color_flow’, ‘moonlight’.


In this section you find some real-life examples of how to use this light.

Full configuration

This example shows how you can use the optional configuration options.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: yeelight
        name: Living Room
        transition: 1000
        use_music_mode: True
        save_on_change: True

Multiple bulbs

This example shows how you can add multiple bulbs in your configuration.

  - platform: yeelight
        name: Living Room
        name: Front Door