State of the Union

Home Assistant is proud to present the State of the Union 2019. We’re going to discuss all things Home Assistant: the platform, our goals, our achievements and a sneak peek at what we have planned for the home automation ecosystem.

It will take place on November 13, 2019 in Amsterdam. Tickets have already been sold out (in 24h!) but we’re having a live stream (see below).

This years presenters are:

  • Paulus Schoutsen (founder Home Assistant)
  • Pascal Vizeli (founder

See last year’s edition.


This year, the Home Assistant State of the Union will be live streamed to YouTube!

Direct YouTube URL:

🔔 Don’t forget to go to the above URL to hit the “Set reminder” bell! Doing that, ensures you’ll get a notification from YouTube, when the stream starts.

The presentation is going to start on 13 November at:

Local Meetups

If you would like to meet other Home Assistant users and watch the livestream together, check out the following local meetups: