The zestimate sensor allows one to track the Zestimate® value of properties using the Zillow API. According to Zillow’s website, a Zestimate® home valuation is Zillow’s estimated market value. It is not an appraisal. Use it as a starting point to determine a home’s value. The Zestimate® is provided by Zillow, a website primarily for listing homes to buy/sell/rent in the United States.

This integration adds one entity per zpid specified, named sensor.zestimate with numbers appended if you choose to track more than one Zestimate.


You will need to sign up for the Zillow API at the following link Zillow API. You will also need the Zillow property ID for each property you’d like to track. This information is available from the URL of a property you are interested in. If you’re the owner of this property, it’s recommended to claim the listing and update the property information to help the information be as accurate as possible.

For example, the White House zpid is 84074482 and can be found in its Zillow URL: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/1600-Pennsylvania-Ave-NW-Washington-DC-20006/84074482_zpid/

To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml.

  - platform: zestimate
    api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
      - YOUR_ZPID_1
      - YOUR_ZPID_2

Configuration Variables

api_key string Required

The API key to access the service. Obtain yours using the Zillow API.

zpid list Required

Property IDs to track in the front end. Can be found in its Zillow URL as described above. Include only the numbers, do not include the “_zpid”.

Additional attributes

The following additional attributes are also available via the sensor.

These attributes are available:

  • Last update
  • 30 Day change in value
  • Valuation Range High
  • Valuation Range Low
  • Address
  • Currency
  • Amount

Example screenshot: