Integrates YoLink Devices into Home Assistant.


To add the YoLink integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

The integration is tested and verified for the following devices from YoLink:

  • YS6602/4 YS6704 (outlet | plug)
  • YS7103/4/5 (siren)
  • YS7704/7705/7706 (door sensor)
  • YS7707 (Contact Sensor)
  • YS7804/5 (motion sensor)
  • YS7903/4 (leak sensor)
  • YS8003/4/5/6 (temperature/humidity sensor)
  • YS7201 (vibration sensor)
  • YS7606/7 (lock)
  • YS4909 YS5001 (valve controller)
  • YS5705/6 (switch)
  • YS7A01/2 (CO & Smoke Sensor)
  • YS4002/3 (Thermostat)
  • YS4906/8 (Garage Door Sensor/ Garage Door Controller)
  • YS5707 (Dimmer)
  • YS6801/2 (MultiOutlet)
  • YS3604 (FlexFob)
  • YS7106 (PowerFailureAlar)
  • YS4908 (Finger)