Integrates YoLink Devices into Home Assistant.


To add the YoLink integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


Play on SpeakerHub

With this service, you can convert text to speech for playback on SpeakerHub.

Service data attribute Optional Description
target_device no SpeakerHub device ID for audio playback.
message no Text for speech conversion.
tone no Tone before playing audio.
volume no Speaker volume during playback.
repeat no The number of times the text will be repeated.

The integration is tested and verified for the following devices from YoLink:

  • YS1603-UC (Hub)
  • YS1604-UC (SpeakerHub)
  • YS3604-UC (YoLink KeyFob)
  • YS3605-UC (YoLink On/OffFob)
  • YS3606-UC (YoLink DimmerFob)
  • YS3607-UC (YoLink SirenFob)
  • YS4002-UC (YoLink Thermostat)
  • YS4003-UC (YoLink Thermostat Heatpump)
  • YS4906-UC + YS7706-UC (Garage Door Kit 1)
  • YS4908-UC + YS7706-UC (Garage Door Kit 2 (Finger))
  • YS4909-UC (Water Valve Controller)
  • YS5001-UC (X3 Water Valve Controller)
  • YS5002-UC (YoLink Motorized Ball Valve)
  • YS5003-UC (Water Valve Controller 2)
  • YS5705-UC (In-Wall Switch)
  • YS5706-UC (YoLink Relay)
  • YS5707-UC (Dimmer Switch)
  • YS5708-UC (In-Wall Switch 2)
  • YS6602-UC (YoLink Energy Plug)
  • YS6604-UC (YoLink Plug Mini)
  • YS6704-UC (In-wall Outlet)
  • YS6801-UC (Smart Power Strip)
  • YS6802-UC (Smart Outdoor Power Strip)
  • YS6803-UC (Outdoor Energy Plug)
  • YS7103-UC (Siren Alarm)
  • YS7104-UC (Outdoor Alarm Controller)
  • YS7105-UC (X3 Outdoor Alarm Controller)
  • YS7106-UC (Power Fail Alarm)
  • YS7107-UC (Outdoor Alarm Controller 2)
  • YS7201-UC (Vibration Sensor)
  • YS7606-UC (YoLink Smart Lock M1)
  • YS7607-UC (YoLink Smart Lock M2)
  • YS7704-UC (Door Sensor)
  • YS7706-UC (Garage Door Sensor)
  • YS7707-UC (Contact Sensor)
  • YS7804-UC (Motion Sensor)
  • YS7805-UC (Outdoor Motion Sensor)
  • YS7903-UC (Water Leak Sensor)
  • YS7904-UC (Water Leak Sensor 2)
  • YS7906-UC (Water Leak Sensor 4)
  • YS7916-UC (Water Leak Sensor 4 MoveAlert)
  • YS7905-UC (WaterDepthSensor)
  • YS7A01-UC (Smart Smoke/CO Alarm)
  • YS8003-UC (Temperature Humidity Sensor)
  • YS8004-UC (Weatherproof Temperature Sensor)
  • YS8005-UC (Weatherproof Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
  • YS8006-UC (X3 Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
  • YS8014-UC (X3 Outdoor Temperature Sensor)
  • YS8015-UC (X3 Outdoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor)
  • YS5006-UC (FlowSmart Control)
  • YS5007-UC (FlowSmart Meter)
  • YS5008-UC (FlowSmart All-in-One)