Vodafone Station

The Vodafone Station integration allows you to control your Vodafone Station based router.

There is support for the following platform types within Home Assistant:

  • Device tracker - presence detection by looking at connected devices.


To add the Vodafone Station integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


The configuration in the UI asks for a a few information: host, username, password and SSL. Depending on the model of the router, the login URL can be based on http:// or https://. The default username is vodafone.

Integration options

It is possible to change some behaviors through the integration options. To change the settings, go to Settings > Devices & Services. On the Vodafone Station integration, select the cogwheel. Then select Configure.

  • Consider home: Number of seconds that must elapse before considering a disconnected device “not at home”.

Additional info

Device Tracker

Note: If you don’t want to automatically track newly detected devices, disable the integration system option Enable new added entities.

Tested models

This integartion was tested against the following models:

  • Vodafone Power Station
  • Vodafone WiFi 6 Station