Vilfo Router

The Vilfo Router integration allows you to observe the state of your Vilfo Router from Home Assistant.

It currently supports reporting the current load of the device in percent and the current uptime measured in minutes.


The integration can be added using the UI. Go to Configuration >> Integrations and click the + sign button and select Vilfo Router from the list.

To configure the integration you will need the hostname or IP of your router ( is the default hostname) as well as an API access token.

Obtaining an access token

The access token for the API can be obtained through the Vilfo web-UI in the pane named “general”. Visit the official API documentation for more information on how to find your token.

In version 1.0.13 of the Vilfo firmware, access tokens are invalidated when a new login to the web UI is made. To prevent web UI logins from interfering with the API calls, you can create a separate user solely for API purposes and use its access token.