ViaggiaTreno Italian Railroads

The viaggiatreno sensor will give you information about configured train ids and stations using the public ViaggiaTreno API.

To activate the sensor you need at least two parameters: the train_id and the station_id.

The first is available just looking at the ViaggiaTreno timetable, the latter can be obtained using the dedicated API endpoint:<Station name> (e.g., will list all station names (with ids) that starts with ROMA).

Note that the station_id is referred to the train’s departing station. If a train number does not match with the station id, no data will be returned to the sensor.

Then add the data to your configuration.yaml file as shown in the example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: viaggiatreno
    train_id: 12279
    station_id: S08409

Configuration Variables



The ID of the train.



The ID of the starting station.



The name of the sensor. Defaults to ‘Train from ’.

In a future implementation, the station name could be used to automatically search best-matching station id, without the need to specify it.

The public timetables are coming from ViaggiaTreno.

Instructions (in Italian) for the API are available at: