Trenitalia ViaggiaTreno

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will give you information about configured train ids and stations using the public ViaggiaTreno API.

To activate the sensor you need at least two parameters: the train_id and the station_id.

The first is available just looking at the ViaggiaTreno timetable, the latter can be obtained using the dedicated API endpoint:<Station name> (e.g., will list all station names (with ids) that starts with ROMA).

Note that the station_id is referred to the train’s departing station. If a train number does not match with the station id, no data will be returned to the sensor.

Then add the data to your configuration.yaml file as shown in the example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: viaggiatreno
    train_id: 12279
    station_id: S08409

Configuration Variables

train_id integer Required

The ID of the train.

station_id integer Required

The ID of the starting station.

train_name string (Optional)

The name of the sensor. Defaults to ‘Train from ’.

In a future implementation, the station name could be used to automatically search best-matching station id, without the need to specify it.

The public timetables are coming from ViaggiaTreno.

Instructions (in Italian) for the API are available at: