The venstar climate platform allows you to control Venstar thermostats from Home Assistant. Venstar thermostats feature a local API that allows for automation without the need for their Skyport cloud service.

Currently supported and tested thermostats:

  • ColorTouch T7900
  • ColorTouch T7850 (No Humidity control)
  • Explorer Mini T2000
  • Explorer IAQ T3950

Currently supported functionality:

  • Setting heat/cool temperature when the thermostat is in the appropriate mode.
  • Changing the operation mode of the thermostat (heat/cool/off/auto)
  • Turning the fan on/off
  • Reading and setting the humidity level and limits (T7900 only)
  • Turning on away preset
  • Turning on hold mode preset
  • Remote temperature sensors
  • Thermostat alerts (Filter replacement/etc)
  • Reading IAQ and CO2 levels (on supported devices, e.g. T3950, only)
  • Reading the current schedule state (morning/day/evening/night/inactive)

The following values are supported for the preset_mode state attribute:

  • none: Enables the scheduling functionality.
  • temperature: Disables the schedule and holds the set temperature indefinitely.
  • away: Places the thermostat in away mode

Note - Please ensure that you update your thermostat to the latest firmware. Initially tested on firmware 5.10 and currently VH6.79.

Local API mode needs to be enabled via the thermostat’s Menu > WiFi > Local API Options > Local API - ON


Adding Venstar to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:


Address of your thermostat, e.g.,


Username for the thermostat.


Password for the thermostat.


Pin for Lockscreen (required if lock screen enabled)


Whether to use SSL or not when communicating.