The venstar climate platform allows you to control Venstar thermostats from Home Assistant. Venstar thermostats feature a local API that allows for automation without the need for their Skyport cloud service.

Currently supported and tested thermostats:

  • ColorTouch T7900
  • ColorTouch T7850 (No Humidity control)
  • Explorer Mini T2000

Currently supported functionality:

  • Setting heat/cool temperature when the thermostat is in the appropriate mode.
  • Changing the operation mode of the thermostat (heat/cool/off/auto)
  • Turning the fan on/off
  • Reading and setting the humidity level and limits (T7900 only)
  • Turning on away preset
  • Turning on hold mode preset

The following values are supported for the preset_mode state attribute:

  • none: Enables the scheduling functionality.
  • temperature: Disables the schedule and holds the set temperature indefinitely.
  • away: Places the thermostat in away mode

Note - Please ensure that you update your thermostat to the latest firmware. Initially tested on firmware 5.10 and currently VH6.79.

Local API mode needs to be enabled via the thermostat’s Menu > WiFi > Local API Options > Local API - ON

To set it up, add the following information to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: venstar

Configuration Variables

host string Required

Address of your thermostat, e.g.,

username string (Optional)

Username for the thermostat.

password string (Optional)

Password for the thermostat.

pin string (Optional)

Pin for Lockscreen (required if lock screen enabled)

ssl boolean (Optional, default: false)

Whether to use SSL or not when communicating.

timeout integer (Optional, default: 5)

Number of seconds for API timeout.

humidifier boolean (Optional, default: true)

Report humidity and expose humidifier setpoints.

Full configuration sample

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: venstar
    ssl: true
    timeout: 5
    humidifier: false