Trafikverket Train

Retrieve train departure information from Trafikverket.

Use cases

  • Retrieve the next departure between two stations.
  • Retrieve information for specific departure time between two stations.
  • Set up an alert or perform actions if your train is delayed or canceled.

Retrieved data

  • Next departure for the specific train line.
  • Canceled status.
  • Delayed time.
  • Planned time if no delays occur.
  • Estimated time of arrival if delays occur.
  • Actual time - when it did arrive.
  • Other information / additional texts.
  • Deviations.

The next departure is calculated from actual, estimated, and planned to provide the most accurate information about departure.


Please click here and register to obtain the API key.


Adding Trafikverket Train to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

Train station names

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