Trafikverket Ferry

Retrieve ferry departure information from Trafikverket.


Please click here and register to obtain the API key.


To add the Trafikverket Ferry integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Use cases

  • Retrieve the next departure and information connected to it.
  • Destination harbor is optional and by leaving it empty it will show the next destination available from the selected departure harbor.
  • By choosing a specific time it will only show departures after this.
  • By deselecting from the pre-filled days of the week you can make selections such as only Monday to Friday if needed.


  • Departure date and time by made selections.
  • Departure sensor for following two departures after next (disabled by default)
  • Departure harbor.
  • Destination harbor.
  • Modified time (this sensor is deactivated as standard).

Other information provided by Trafikverket related to the specific departure is shown as attribute on all sensors.

Ferry harbour names

Click here to see examples of harbor names, use city name as harbor, as for example “Ekerö”, “Svanesund”.