The torque platform will allow you to monitor Torque data relayed from a Bluetooth OBD2 stick via the Torque mobile application.


To use Torque sensors with your installation, you must configure both the Torque mobile application and Home Assistant.

Torque application

In Settings -> Data Logging & Upload:

Under the Logging Preferences header:

  • Touch Select what to log, activate the menu in the upper right, and select Add PID to log.
  • Select items of interest.

Under the Realtime Web Upload header:

  • Check Upload to web-server.
  • Enter https://HOST/api/torque or https://@/HOST:PORT/api/torque as the Web-server URL, where HOST and PORT are your externally accessible Home Assistant HTTP host. To use a Bearer Token, this has to be SSL/TLS.
  • Enable Send https: Bearer Token (available since Torque Pro 1.12.46)
  • Paste a Long-Lived Access Token from any Home Assistant user in Set Bearer Token field.
  • Enter an email address in User Email Address (this can be any non empty string you like).
  • Optionally set the Web Logging Interval. The 2-second default may quickly fill up the Home Assistant history database.


Add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: torque
    email: [email protected]

Configuration Variables

name string (Optional, default: vehicle)

Vehicle name (your choice).

email string Required

Value from the Email address field configured in Torque application. Doesn’t have to be in email syntax.