The integration allows you to obtain weather, air quality, pollen, and fire information from the API.

Obtain an API key

You can obtain a free API key by signing up with The integration assumes that your API key is associated with a free account. Free accounts include a limited number of daily API requests and the number of daily API requests included varies by account. Login to to view the number of daily API requests included with your account.

The refresh interval defaults to a time period that is compatible with an account limited to 100 daily API requests and this integration should use around 90% of the available daily requests.

When using a free account, the information provided by is limited to the Core layer. It does not include the Air Quality layer or other layers. A paid account is required to retrieve those layers.

Supported Forecast Types

Forecast Type Description
nowcast Up to the 1 minute predictions. Supports 300 minutes or a max of 30 forecasts depending on the chosen timestep
hourly Hourly forecasts for the next 24 hours
daily Daily forecasts for the next 14 days


To add the integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button: