Support for the Bluetooth smart bulb from Tikteck. To enable these lights, add the following lines to your configuration.yamlThe configuration.yaml file is the main configuration file for Home Assistant. It lists the integrations to be loaded and their specific configurations. In some cases, the configuration needs to be edited manually directly in the configuration.yaml file. Most integrations can be configured in the UI.[Learn more] file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: tikteck
        name: Bulb 1
        password: 76409387
        name: Bulb 2
        password: 36478643

Configuration Variables

devices list (Optional)

A list of devices with their Bluetooth address.

name string (Optional)

A custom name to use in the frontend.

password string Required

The bulb-specific password.

The password can be obtained from an Android device using an app like aLogcat or the adb logcat command for phones in developer mode. Look for a line like:

E LedoBleSDK: login =skName=======[Smart Light]=======skPw==[password]

The password is the text between the square brackets following skPw.