The Teslemetry integration exposes various commands and sensors from the Tesla vehicles connected to a Teslemetry subscription.


You must have a Teslemetry account and access token.


To add the Teslemetry integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:



The integration will create a climate entity to control the vehicle’s climate control system. This entity can:

  • Turn on and off
  • Change the set temperature
  • Change to one of the four modes: Off, Keep mode, Dog mode, and Camp mode


The integration will create sensor entities for a variety of metrics that relate to your vehicles, energy sites, and Wall Connectors:

Energy sites

  • Battery power
  • Energy left
  • Generator power (disabled by default)
  • Grid power
  • Grid services power
  • Load power
  • Percentage charged
  • Solar power
  • Total pack energy (disabled by default)


  • Battery level
  • Battery power
  • Battery range
  • Charge cable
  • Charge energy added
  • Charge rate (disabled by default)
  • Charging
  • Charger power
  • Charger voltage
  • Charger current
  • Destination
  • Distance to arrival
  • Driver temperature setting (disabled by default)
  • Estimate battery range (disabled by default)
  • Fast charger type
  • Ideal battery range (disabled by default)
  • Inside temperature
  • Odometer (disabled by default)
  • Online
  • Outside temperature
  • Passenger temperature setting (disabled by default)
  • Power (disabled by default)
  • Shift state (disabled by default)
  • Speed (disabled by default)
  • State of charge at arrival (disabled by default)
  • Time to arrival
  • Time to full charge
  • Tire pressure front left (disabled by default)
  • Tire pressure front right (disabled by default)
  • Tire pressure rear left (disabled by default)
  • Tire pressure rear right (disabled by default)
  • Traffic delay (disabled by default)
  • Usable battery level (disabled by default)

Wall connectors

  • Fault state code (disabled by default)
  • Power
  • State code (disabled by default)
  • Vehicle