Tasmota (beta)

This integration allows you to control Tasmota devices over MQTT.


  • MQTT server and the MQTT integration set up in Home Assistant.
  • Tasmota devices flashed with version 9.1, or later.
  • Tasmota devices configured for native discovery (SetOption19 0)

Supported Features

Lights, relays, sensors, switches and buttons are supported.

  • Lights will be added as Home Assistant light entities. Single channel Dimmers, RGB lights, RGB lights with Color Temperature control and RGB lights with White control are supported.
  • Relays will be added as Home Assistant switch entities, if SetOption30 = 0. If SetOption30 = 1, relays will be added as light entities.
  • Sensors will be added as Home Assistant sensor entities.
  • Switches will be added as Home Assistant binary_sensor entities or automation triggers depending by the switchmode used when SetOption114 is enabled.
  • Buttons will be added as Home Assistant automation triggers when SetOption73 is enabled.
  • The integration will also create up to eight Status Sensors, each one with a different information. Please note all the Status Sensors are disabled by default.



This integration can be configured using the integrations in the Home Assistant frontend.

Menu: Configuration -> Integrations.

Click on the + sign to add an integration and click on Tasmota (beta). After completing the configuration flow, the Tasmota integration will be available.