This integration allows you to control Tasmota devices over MQTT.


  • MQTT broker and the MQTT integration set up in Home Assistant.
  • Tasmota devices’ MQTT setting configured to communicate with the MQTT broker.
  • Tasmota devices flashed with version 9.2, or later (tasmota-lite.bin does not support this integration).
  • Tasmota devices configured for native discovery (SetOption19 0).
  • Although the Tasmota integration supports custom fulltopic it is strongly suggested to leave fulltopic at its default, Tasmota does not prevent setting an invalid or non-unique fulltopic, for example a fulltopic without the %prefix% or %topic% tokens.

Supported features

Tasmota Buttons, Fans, Lights, Relays, Sensors, Shutters and Switches are supported.

  • Tasmota Buttons will be added as Home Assistant automation triggers when SetOption73 is enabled. No binary_sensor entity will be created. You can find the available automation triggers on the device screen. automation triggers
  • Tasmota Lights will be added as Home Assistant light entities. Single channel Dimmers, RGB lights, RGB lights with Color Temperature control and RGB lights with White control are supported.
  • Tasmota Relays will be added as Home Assistant switch entities, if SetOption30 0. If SetOption30 1, relays will be added as light entities.
  • Tasmota Sensors will be added as Home Assistant sensor entities.
  • Tasmota Shutters will be added as Home Assistant cover entities. Currently only Shutter modes 1 to 4 are supported. Shutter mode 5 and Tuya shutters are not supported.
  • Tasmota Switches will be added as either Home Assistant binary_sensor entities or automation triggers depending on the switchmode used when SetOption114 is enabled.
  • The fan functionality in Tasmota devices with module configured as iFan02 or iFan03 will be added as Home Assistant fan entities. Tuya fans are not supported.
  • The integration will also create up to eight Status Sensors, each one with a different information. Please note all the Status Sensors are disabled by default. iot


To add the Tasmota integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

You must also configure each Tasmota device’s MQTT settings to communicate with whatever MQTT broker you are using. Enter the broker address under host, and enter a username/password combination that allows access to the broker.

If using the Mosquitto Broker add-on for Home Assistant, first create a new Home Assistant user under Settings > People. Then, in Tasmota > Configure MQTT under “Host” enter the address of your Home Assistant instance and under “User” and “Password” enter the Home Assistant user you just created.