This integration allows you to control Tasmota devices over MQTT.


  • MQTT broker and the MQTT integration set up in Home Assistant.
  • Tasmota devices’ MQTT setting configured to communicate with the MQTT broker.
  • Tasmota devices flashed with version 9.2, or later (tasmota-lite.bin does not support this integration).
  • Tasmota devices configured for native discovery (SetOption19 0)
  • Although the Tasmota integration supports custom fulltopic it is strongly suggested to leave fulltopic at its default, Tasmota does not prevent setting an invalid or non-unique fulltopic, for example a fulltopic without the %prefix% or %topic% tokens.

Supported Features

Tasmota Buttons, Fans, Lights, relays, Sensors, Shutters and Switches are supported.

  • Tasmota Buttons will be added as Home Assistant automation triggers when SetOption73 is enabled. No binary_sensor entity will be created. You can find the available automation triggers on the device screen. automation triggers
  • Tasmota Lights will be added as Home Assistant light entities. Single channel Dimmers, RGB lights, RGB lights with Color Temperature control and RGB lights with White control are supported.
  • Tasmota Relays will be added as Home Assistant switch entities, if SetOption30 0. If SetOption30 1, relays will be added as light entities.
  • Tasmota Sensors will be added as Home Assistant sensor entities.
  • Tasmota Shutters will be added as Home Assistant cover entities. Currently only Shutter modes 1 to 4 are supported. Shutter mode 5 and Tuya shutters are not supported.
  • Tasmota Switches will be added as either Home Assistant binary_sensor entities or automation triggers depending on the switchmode used when SetOption114 is enabled.
  • The fan functionality in Tasmota devices with module configured as iFan02 or iFan03 will be added as Home Assistant fan entities. Tuya fans are not supported.
  • The integration will also create up to eight Status Sensors, each one with a different information. Please note all the Status Sensors are disabled by default. iot


Adding Tasmota to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

You must also configure each Tasmota device’s MQTT settings to communicate with whatever MQTT broker you are using. Enter the broker address under host and enter a username/password combination that allows access to the broker.

If using the Mosquitto Broker add-on for Home Assistant, first create a new Home Assistant user under Settings > People. Then, in Tasmota > Configure MQTT under “Host” enter the address of your Home Assistant instance and under “User” and “Password” enter the Home Assistant user you just created.