The tankerkoenig platform allows you to monitor the fuel prices with tankerkoenig.de from within Home Assistant and setup automations based on the information. One sensor entity will be created for each fuel station within the given radius and for each configured fuel type in it.

You can also add additional stations manually, referencing them via their IDs. To find out the ID for a given fuel station, you can use the TankstellenFinder tool.


To use this sensor you need an API key from tankerkoenig. Go to tankerkoenig API and click on API-KEY in the top right, fill out the form and request a key. The API is free, but requests should be limited to less than once every 5 minutes.

It is recommended to choose a radius that doesn’t return too many fuel stations. The Terms & Conditions of tankerkoenig.de specify that the API is not meant for massive data fetching, but it does not explicitly mention a limit. Having a maximum of 10 monitored fuel stations is recommended, and a warning will be issued otherwise.


To enable this platform, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
  radius: 1
    - "diesel"

Configuration Variables



The api key you got when you registered.



The types of fuels you want to track. Allowed values are e5, e10 and diesel.

Default value:

[“e5”, “e10”, “diesel”]



The latitude of the gas station to list.

Default value:

latitude of your home zone



The longitude of the gas station to list.

Default value:

longitude of your home zone



The radius in km. in which to search for gas stations. Cannot be less than 1.

Default value:




The time interval in seconds to poll the server for new data. You should not put values lower than 5 minutes here; otherwise you risk your API key being blocked.

Default value:

1800 (30min)



List of additional fuel stations to create entities for.

Full example

This is a full example of the platform:

  api_key: YOUR_API_KEY
    - "diesel"
    - "e10"
  latitude: 52.51627
  longitude: 13.3777
  radius: 1
  scan_interval: "0:10:01"
    - 8531b393-1e42-423b-cb4d-e4b98cff8a0c

Assuming there are only two fuel stations within the specified range and location, you would get six sensor entities:

  • sensor.tankerkoenig_berlin_paulstrasse_20_diesel
  • sensor.tankerkoenig_berlin_paulstrasse_20_e10
  • sensor.tankerkoenig_aral_tankstelle_diesel
  • sensor.tankerkoenig_aral_tankstelle_e10
  • sensor.tankerkoenig_svg_hamburg_strassen_diesel
  • sensor.tankerkoenig_svg_hamburg_strassen_e10