Samsung SyncThru Printer

The Samsung SyncThru Printer platform allows you to read current data from your local Samsung printer.

It usually provides information about the device’s state, the left amount of ink or toner and the state of paper trays. The platform automatically monitors every supported part.

If you wish not to include certain monitored values specify the values that you would like to see in the front-end via the monitored_conditions setting.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: syncthru
    resource: http://my-printer.address
    name: My Awesome Printer

Configuration Variables



The address for connecting to the printer. Equal to the SyncThru Webservice address.

Default value:




A user specified name for the printer. Defaults to “Samsung Printer” and the friendly name will be the name of the printer model.

Default value:

Samsung Printer

The following information is displayed in separate sensors, if it is available:

  • Black, cyan, magenta and yellow toner fill level
  • Black, cyan, magenta and yellow drum state
  • First to fifth paper input tray state
  • First to sixth paper output tray state
Note that this component or parts thereof may not work if the language of your printer is not configured to be English.