Switch as X

The Switch as X integrations lets you convert any Home Assistant switch into a Home Assistant Light, Cover, Fan, Lock, or Siren.

In Home Assistant’s world, a wall plug is a switch. And while that is correct for a wall plug in general, those plugs are often used with e.g, a light fixture or a fan. General-purpose relays are similar, as they are sometimes used for things like locks or garage doors.

Using the Switch as X integration, you can convert those switches into the entity types that best matches your use case.


Adding Switch as X to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

Switch entity

The switch entity you want to convert into something else.


The type of entity you want the switch to become.

Switch as X from the existing entity

Where compatible, Switch as X will appear on entity properties. A list of entities can be found in Settings -> Devices & Services -> Entities.

Entity properties exampl