Sure Petcare

The surepetcare component allows you to get information on your Sure Petcare Connect Pet or Cat Flap.


To add a flap, feeder or pet, add the following to your configuration.yaml file. The Hubs a flap or feeder is connected to, will be discovered automatically.

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration Variables

username string Required

The Sure Petcare Username/Email

password string Required

The Sure Petcare Password


Service surepetcare.set_lock_state

This service lets you change the locking state of a flap.

Service data attribute Required Type Description
flap_id True integer Flap ID to change - see below for instructions on finding device IDs
lock_state True string New state to change the flap to

lock_state should be one of:

  • unlocked - flap is unlocked, pets are allowed both in and out.
  • locked_in - flap is ‘in only’ - pets can come in but not go back out.
  • locked_out - flap is ‘out only’ - pets can go out, but not back in.
  • locked_all - flap is locked both ways.