Sure Petcare

The Sure Petcare integration allows you to get information on your Sure Petcare Connect Pet or Cat Flap.


To add the Sure Petcare integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


Service surepetcare.set_lock_state

This service lets you change the locking state of a flap.

Service data attribute Required Type Description
flap_id True integer Flap ID to change - see below for instructions on finding device ID
lock_state True string New state to change the flap to

The flap_id can be found following these instructions:

  • Log into
  • Open the sidebar and click your flap.
  • The flap_id will be at the end of the URL (i.e.,

lock_state should be one of:

  • unlocked - flap is unlocked, pets are allowed both in and out.
  • locked_in - flap is ‘in only’ - pets can come in but not go back out.
  • locked_out - flap is ‘out only’ - pets can go out, but not back in.
  • locked_all - flap is locked both ways.

Service surepetcare.set_pet_location

This service lets you set the pet location.

Service data attribute Required Type Description
name yes string Pet name
location yes string Pet location

location should be one of:

  • Inside - Pet is inside.
  • Outside - Pet is outside.