Suez Water

The suez_water sensor platform fetches your last day consumption of water from the French water provider Tout Sur Mon Eau website.

It also gets the following data:

  • Daily consumption for the current month
  • Daily consumption for the previous month
  • Monthly consumption for the last 26 months
  • Highest monthly consumption
  • Last year total consumption
  • Current year total consumption


To add the Suez Water sensor to your installation, add your Tout Sur Mon Eau account credentials and your counter_id to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: suez_water
    username: YOUR_SUEZ_USERNAME
    password: YOUR_SUEZ_PASSWORD
    counter_id: YOUR_SUEZ_COUNTER_ID

Configuration Variables

username string Required

The Tout Sur Mon Eau account username.

password string Required

The Tout Sur Mon Eau account password.

counter_id integer Required

The Tout Sur Mon Eau counter id.

counter_id is the water counter id. It can be found on your Tout Sur Mon Eau user account. Look in the source code of the page for something similar to url: '/mon-compte-en-ligne/statMData' + '/123456789'. The counter_id in this case is 123456789.