The Steam integration will allow you to track the online status of public Steam accounts.


To add the Steam integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Steam has a friends list privacy feature that interferes with easily adding sensors to track friends’ activities. Setting the friends list to Public during initial setup will allow the integration to see them for easy adding. It is not necessary to keep the friends list Public.

Go to your profile, select “Edit Profile”, “Privacy Settings”.


You need a free API key to use the platform.

To find an account’s 64-bit SteamID on profiles without a custom URL you can check the URL of the profile page, the long string of numbers at the end is the 64-bit SteamID. If the profile has a custom URL you will have to copy the URL into STEAMID I/O to find the 64-bit SteamID.


If you want to add the accounts to a group for example you will have to use:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
    name: Steam
      - sensor.steam_account1
      - sensor.steam_account2