The Starlink integration allows you to integrate your Starlink into Home Assistant.

Important: If your Starlink is in bypass mode, you will need to open a route to it so that the local API can be accessed. Otherwise this integration will not work.


Adding Starlink to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:


  • Ping - The ping that Starlink has measured, in ms
  • Azimuth - The direction Dishy is facing in degrees
  • Elevation - Dishy’s current elevation in degrees
  • Uplink throughput - The amount of data being uploaded through Starlink in Bit/s
  • Downlink throughput - The amount of data being downloaded through Starlink in Bit/s
  • Last boot time - The time Starlink was last turned on

Binary Sensor

  • Obstructed - Whether Dishy is currently obstructed
  • Roaming - Whether Starlink is “roaming”. Roaming is an optional upgrade that allows you to use your Starlink outside of your home address. It is also known as “portability”
  • Heating - Whether Dishy is currently heating. This may be due to cold temperatures, or an attempt to thaw snow and ice
  • Idle - Whether Starlink is in an “idle” state to save power
  • Mast near vertical - Whether Dishy is mounted straight
  • Motors stuck - Whether Dishy is unable to move
  • Thermal throttle - Whether Starlink has reduced performance to avoid overheating
  • Unexpected location - Whether Starlink has detected operation outside of its designated area


  • Reboot - Reboots your Starlink system


  • Stowed - Controls whether Dishy is stowed