The spotify media player platform allows you to control Spotify playback from Home Assistant.


  • Spotify account
  • Spotify application, properly configured (see below)
Controlling the Spotify integration (pause, play, next, etc.) requires a Premium account. If you do not have a Premium account, the integration in the frontend will not show the controls.

To create the required Spotify application:

  • Login to Spotify Developer
  • Visit the My Applications page
  • Select Create An App. Enter any name and description. Once your application is created, view it and copy your Client ID and Client Secret, which are used in the Home Assistant configuration file.
  • Add a Redirect URI in one of the following forms:

If you are not using SSL: http://<your_home_assistant_url_or_local_ip>/api/spotify

If you are using SSL: https://<your_home_assistant_url_or_local_ip>/api/spotify

  • Click Save after adding the URI.

If you are using an externally accessible address you will likely also need to set the base_url attribute of the HTTP Component. This should be set using the same base URL as the redirect URI, e.g., if you used a domain name (not local IP) in the redirect, then use the same domain name in your base_url.


To add Spotify to your installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: spotify
    client_id: YOUR_CLIENT_ID
    client_secret: YOUR_CLIENT_SECRET
        abc123def456: 'Living Room'
        9183abas000: 'Bed Room'

Configuration Variables



Client ID from your Spotify application.



Client Secret from your Spotify application.



Path to cache authentication token.

Default value:




Dictionary of device ids to be aliased, handy for devices that Spotify cannot properly determine the device name of. New devices will be logged to the info channel for ease of aliasing.



The name of the device used in the frontend.

Default value:



After the prerequisites and configuration are complete, restart Home Assistant. Under notifications a Spotify configurator element will be available. Click on “Link Spotify account” and follow the instructions to authorize Home Assistant to access your Spotify account. A Spotify media player will then appear. If you are prompted to download a file after completing authorization, discard the download. It is not needed.


The sources are based on if you have streamed to these devices before in Spotify. If you don’t have any sources, then simply stream from your phone to another device in your house: Bluetooth, echo, etc. Once you do, the sources will show up in the Spotify developer console as a device to cast/stream to. Go to and login. Click on “Console” in top menu and then “Player” in the left menu. Select “/v1/me/player/devices” in the list. Then click “Get token”, accept the terms and click “Try it”. Your active Spotify devices will then be listed in the right panel, beneath the curl-line (for example, “name”: “Web Player (Chrome)”).
These names can then be used in for example an input selector:

    name: 'Source:'
      - [email protected]
      - Web Player (Chrome)

The devices won’t show up in the dev-console as sources unless they are powered on as well.

URI Links For Playlists/Etc.

You can send playlists to spotify via the "media_content_type": "playlist" and something like (depending on your content ID) "media_content_id": "spotify:user:spotify:playlist:37i9dQZF1DWSkkUxEhrBdF" which are part of the media_player.play_media service. You can test this from the services control panel in the Home Assistant frontend.


Extra services besides the default ones in component Media Player component.

Service play_playlist

Play a Spotify playlist with an option to start on a random position of the playlist.

Service data attribute Optional Description
media_content_id no Spotify URI of playlist. Must be playlist kind of URI.
random_song yes True to select random song at start, False to start from beginning.

The above playlist example is a URI link to the “Reggae Infusions” playlist. This support document from Spotify explains how to get this URI value to use for playlists in the Spotify component.

Unsupported Devices

  • Sonos: Although Sonos is a Spotify Connect device, it is not supported by the official Spotify API.