The Sonarr integration pulls data from a given Sonarr instance.


Adding Sonarr to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by taking the following steps:

  • Browse to your Home Assistant instance.

  • In the sidebar click on Configuration.

  • From the configuration menu select: Integrations.

  • In the bottom right, click on the Add Integration button.

  • From the list, search and select “Sonarr”.

  • Follow the instruction on screen to complete the set up.

After completing, the Sonarr integration will be immediately available for use.

To retrieve your API key, open your Sonarr web interface and navigate to Settings then General tab. Your Sonarr API Key will be listed on this page under the Security section.


The Sonarr integration will add the following sensors:

sensor.sonarr_upcoming: The number of upcoming episodes.

The remaining five sensors are disabled by default and can be enabled on the device page.

  • sensor.sonarr_commands: The number of commands being run.
  • sensor.sonarr_disk_space: Available disk space.
  • sensor.sonarr_queue: The number of episodes in the queue.
  • sensor.sonarr_shows: The number of series in Sonarr.
  • sensor.sonarr_wanted: The number of episodes still wanted.