The solaredge platform uses the SolarEdge Monitoring API to allow you to get details from your SolarEdge solar power setup and integrate these in your Home Assistant installation.

The SolarEdge Monitoring API has a daily rate limit of 300 requests. In order to stay under this limit, and alow for some additional requests, the solaredge platform will update the site overview every 15 minutes.


There are 2 options in configuring the SolarEdge integration:

  • Via the Home Assistant user interface where it will let you enter the port string to connect to the Velbus bus.
  • Via the Home Assistant configuration.yaml file.
# Example configuration.yaml entry
  api_key: API_KEY
  site_id: SITE_ID

Configuration Variables

api_key string Required

Your SolarEdge Site API key.

site_id string Required

The id of your SolarEdge Site.

name string (Optional, default: SolarEdge)

Let you overwrite the name of the device in the frontend.

Full configuration example

In case you would like to convert the values for example to kWh instead of the default Wh, you can use the template platform.

# Example configuration.yaml entry for template platform
  platform: template
      value_template: "{{ (states('sensor.solaredge_energy_this_year') | float / 1000) | round(2) }}"