The free Sentry account allows 5000 events per month. Depending on the amount of events sent to Sentry, you will either have to upgrade your Sentry account or have a period without data flowing from Home Assistant to Sentry.

The Sentry integration in Home Assistant integrates with Sentry to capture both logged errors as well as unhandled exceptions in Home Assistant.


Before configuring the Sentry integration, you’ll need to get Sentry account and a DSN.

Follow these steps to get the DSN:

  1. Go to Projects.
  2. Select Create project.
  3. Fill out the Give your project a name and choose Assign a Team fields and select the Create project button.
  4. Select the Get your DSN link in top of the page.


To add the Sentry integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


The Sentry integration provides settings to:

  • Set an environment name for your instance.
  • Limit the event log level to trigger on, and the log level of the breadcrumbs.
  • Ability to send out error events that are handled.
  • Ability to send out events caused by custom integrations.
  • Ability to send out events originating from third-party Python packages.
  • Enable performance tracing and tune the tracing sample rate used.

To change the settings, go to Settings > Devices & Services. Select the Sentry integration. Then, select Options.

After changing the Sentry settings, you’ll need to restart Home Assistant in order to make them effective.