The sabnzbd integration will allow you to monitor and control your downloads with SABnzbd from within Home Assistant and setup automations based on the information.

If SABnzbd is discovered on your network, you can enter your API Key in the Configurator. Press “CONFIGURE” to do it.

This will create services for interacting with SABnzbd in scripts and automations, but no sensors will be created.

To configure SABnzbd, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry

Configuration Variables

api_key string Required

The API key used to interact with your SABnzbd instance

host string (Optional, default: localhost)

The hostname of your SABnzbd instance, e.g.,

path string (Optional)

Path to your SABnzbd instance corresponding to its url_base setting, e.g., /sabnzbd.

name string (Optional, default: SABnzbd)

The name of your SABnzbd instance (this will be the prefix for all created sensors).

port integer (Optional, default: 8080)

The port on which your SABnzbd instance is listening.

sensors list (Optional)

List of variables for which to create sensor entities.

ssl boolean (Optional, default: false)

Set to true to use SSL (https) to access SABnzbd.

Available sensors are:

  • current_status: The current status of SABnzbd (Idle, Paused, etc.)
  • speed: The current download speed
  • queue_size: The total size of the download queue
  • queue_remaining: The remaining size of the download queue
  • disk_size: The total disk size at SABnzbd’s download location
  • disk_free: The available disk space at SABnzbd’s download location
  • queue_count: The number of items in the download queue
  • day_size: GB downloaded today
  • week_size: GB downloaded this week
  • month_size: GB downloaded this month
  • total_size: Total GB downloaded

Full examples

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  path: /sabnzbd
  name: sab
  port: 9090
  ssl: true
    - current_status
    - speed
    - queue_size
    - queue_remaining
    - disk_size
    - disk_free
    - queue_count
    - day_size
    - week_size
    - month_size
    - total_size

This will attempt to access your SABnzbd instance at and will create sensors named sensor.sab_status, sensor.sab_speed, etc.


Media control services

Available services: pause, resume, set_speed.

Service sabnzbd/set_speed

Service data attribute Optional Description
speed yes Sets the download speed limit. If specified as a number with no units, will be interpreted as a percent. If units are provided (e.g., 500K) will be interpreted absolutely. Defaults to 100