RSS feed template

The rss_feed_template integrationIntegrations connect and integrate Home Assistant with your devices, services, and more. [Learn more] can export any information from Home Assistant as a static RSS feed. This can be used to display that information on many types of devices using an RSS reader. While native apps for Home Assistant are not widely available, native RSS readers exist for almost any platform.

For example, on Android, the app “Simple RSS Widget” can be used to display temperatures on the home screen.

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  # Accessible on <Home Assistant url>/api/rss_template/garden
  # Example: https://localhost:8123/api/rss_template/garden
    requires_api_password: false
    title: "Garden {{ as_timestamp(now())|timestamp_custom('%H:%M', True) }}"
    - title: "Outside temperature"
      description: "{% if is_state('sensor.temp_outside','unknown') %}---{% else %}{{states('sensor.temp_outside')}} °C{% endif %}"

Configuration Variables

requires_api_password boolean (Optional, default: true)

If true and an API password is set, the password must be passed via ‘?api_password=…’ parameter.

feed_id string Required

The key is used as the ID of the feed. The feed can be accessed at /api/rss_template/feed_id (example: ‘garden’).

title template (Optional)

The title of the feed, which is parsed as template.

items list Required

A list of feed items.

title template (Optional)

The title of the item, which is parsed as template.

description template (Optional)

The description of the item, which is parsed as template.