RoonLabs music player

The Roon integration allows you to control RoonLabs music players from Home Assistant.

This integration uses Roon Core, a Roon application that runs on a machine on your network. Via Roon Core, Home Assistant can control all the Roon music players on your network.


  1. From the Home Assistant front-end, go to Settings > Devices & Services. Select the Roon integration. Then, select Configure.
  2. Home Assistant will then try to find your Roon Core - if it is successful it will display Authorize HomeAssistant in Roon. Select Submit and skip to step 4.
  3. If your Roon Core is not automatically found, enter the Hostname or IP address for the Roon Core machine when requested and select Submit.
  4. Home Assistant will then contact your Roon Core and ask to be authorized. You will need to enable this extension in the Room Application. Go to Settings and then Extensions. There, you will see an entry for Home Assistant with a button next to it. Select Enable.
  5. Roon core will then provide Home Assistant with the details of your media players.
  6. In Home Assistant you can then pick an area for each of your music players, and add them to Home Assistant.


Service media_player.play_media

Roon uses a path based on the roon browser hierarchy to specify which media to play. You can find this by using the media browser, or by following the examples below. If roon can’t follow the path you will find an error in the log that will show which part of the path roon could not follow, and the possibilities at that point.

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes Target a specific media player. To target all media players, use all.
media_content_id no A path to specify the media you want to play, see examples below.
media_content_type no Only music is supported

For example to play the album Harvest by Neil Young you should set media_content_id to Library/Artists/Neil Young/Harvest and to play BBC Radio 4 you would set media_content_id to My Live Radio/BBC Radio 4

Service roon.transfer

Transfer playback from one player to another.

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes id of the source player.
transfer_id no id of the destination player.