The Reddit sensor integrates data from Reddit to monitor your favorite subreddits.


To set up this sensor, you will need to generate a client_id and client_secret for the user account you will use to connect. Follow the first steps in this Wiki page.

This integration does not support Reddit's two-factor authentication. If you use two-factor authentication for your Reddit account, create a separate Reddit account without two-factor authentication for use with Home Assistant.


To enable this platform, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: reddit
    username: !secret reddit_username
    password: !secret reddit_password
    client_id: !secret reddit_client_id
    client_secret: !secret reddit_client_secret
      - news
      - worldnews

Configuration Variables

username string Required

Your Reddit account username.

password string Required

Your Reddit account password.

client_id string Required

Your Reddit account client ID.

client_secret string Required

Your Reddit account client secret

subreddits list Required

List of subreddits you want to get data on.

sort_by string (Optional, default: hot)

Sort reddit posts by new, top, controversial and hot.