ReCollect Waste

The recollect_waste integration allows you to track the next scheduled waste pickup and what type of waste from Recollect. To use this sensor your city’s waste company must be Recollect and you will need to find your place_id and service_id.

  1. In Chrome open developer tools and go to the network tab.

  2. Go to your city’s Recollect collection calendar.

  3. Search for and select your address in the UI.

  4. Watch for a request that looks like …

  5. Use the place_id and service_id when configuring the sensor.


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: recollect_waste
    place_id: YOUR_PLACE_ID
    service_id: YOUR_SERVICE_ID

Configuration Variables

place_id string Required

The place_id used for your neighbourhood.

service_id string Required

The service_id used for your city.

name string (Optional, default: recollect_waste)

Name the sensor.

The default frequency for pulling data from Recollect Waste is once a day (86400 seconds).

The Recollect Waste sensor uses the Recollect API URL to obtain data not an official API from Recollect. Use at your own risk.