PoolSense is a smart pool monitor that publishes data to the cloud via SigFox. PoolSense eliminates the time and effort spent fixing what’s wrong with your pool water. Accurate sensors, in the PoolSense smart pool monitor, send data to a cloud server in timed intervals.

There is currently support for the following information within Home Assistant:

  • Chlorine Level
  • pH
  • Water Temperature
  • Battery
  • pH Status Indicator
  • Chlorine Status Indicator


You will need to use the associated standalone app for this device to register a username and password.

Home Assistant offers PoolSense integration through Configuration -> Integrations. Click the + sign and from the list of integrations select PoolSense. Simply enter username and password when prompted.


It is recommended that you create your own card with the following sensors:

  • sensor.poolsense_chlorine
  • sensor.poolsense_ph
  • sensor.poolsense_battery
  • sensor.poolsense_temperature
  • sensor.poolsense_last_seen

Leave sensor.poolsense_ph_status and sensor.poolsense_chlorine_status as badges.