This enables Plugwise components with a central Smile gateway to be integrated. This integration talks locally to your Smile interface, and you will need its password and IP address. The platform supports Anna, Adam (zonecontrol) and P1 Smile products. See below list for more details.

Platforms available - depending on your Smile and setup include:

  • climate (for the Anna and Lisa products, or a single Tom)
  • sensor (for all relevant products including the Smile P1)
  • binary_sensor (for domestic hot water and secondary heater)
  • switch (for Plugs)

The password can be found on the bottom of your Smile, it should consist of 6 characters. To find your IP address use the Plugwise App:

  • Open the Plugwise App and choose the ‘Settings’-icon (☰) and choose ‘HTML-interface’.
  • Go to the (lower) ‘Settings’-icon (☰) and choose ‘Preferences’.
  • Choose ‘System’ then ‘Networking’ and your IP address will be shown.


This integration will show all Plugwise entities present in your Plugwise configuration. In addition, you will see a ‘Smile’ entity representing your central Plugwise gateway (i.e., the Smile, Smile P1 or Adam).

For example, if you have an Adam setup with a Lisa named ‘Living’ and a Tom named ‘Bathroom’, these will show up as individual entities. When there are more (than one) Plugwise thermostats present, an “Auxiliary Device” will be added, representing the active heating/cooling device present in your climate system. If you have Plugs (as in, pluggable switches connecting to an Adam) those will be discovered as switches. Various other measures of your setup will be available as sensors or binary sensors.

Centralized measurements such as ‘power’ for a P1, ‘outdoor_temperature’ on Anna or Smile will be assigned to your gateway entity. Auxiliary Heater(/Cooler) measurements such as ‘boiler_temperature’ will be assigned to the Auxiliary entity.


The Plugwise Smile(s) present in your network will be automatically detected via Zeroconf discovery and will be shown on the Integrations-page. To set up an integration, click the “CONFIGURATION” button on the discovered integration and you will be presented with a dialog requesting your Smile password. After you click submit, you will have the opportunity to select the area(s) where individual Smile appliances are located.

Repeat the above procedure for each Smile gateway (i.e., if you have an Adam setup and a P1 DSMR you’ll have to add two integrations).

After adding the Plugwise integration(s), the default Smile-data refresh-interval can be changed by pressing the “OPTIONS” button: change the number via the up- or down-button and press “SUBMIT”.

When you have an Anna and an Adam, make sure to only configure the Adam integration. You can press the "IGNORE" button on the Anna integration to remove this integration. In case you need to rediscover the Adam integration, make sure to click the "STOP IGNORING" button on the Plugwise integration first, available via "show ignored integrations".


Update Smile data

Forced update of data from your Smile can be triggered by calling the generic homeassistant.update_entity service with your Smile entity as the target.

# Example script change the temperature
      - service: homeassistant.update_entity
          entity_id: climate.anna

Set HVAC mode (schedule)

Service: climate.set_hvac_mode

Available options include auto or off. The meaning of auto is that a schedule is active and the thermostat will change presets accordingly. The meaning of off is that there is no schedule active, i.e., the active preset or manually set temperature is to be used to control the climate of your house or rooms. The last schedule that was active is determined the same way long-tapping the top of Anna works.


# Example script change the temperature
      - service: climate.set_hvac_mode
          entity_id: climate.lisa_bios
          hvac_mode: auto

Changing the active schedule can be done, though not easily:

  • Deactivate the schedule (press the power button on the UI-card).
  • Look up the available schemas in the states view (attribute available_schemas).
  • Change the attribute active_schema to the actual name of your schema as available from the above attribute or your Plugwise App.
  • Activate the schedule (press the calendar button on the UI-card).

Set temperature

Service: climate.set_temperature


# Example script change the temperature
      - service: climate.set_temperature
          entity_id: climate.anna
          temperature: 19.5

Set preset mode

Service: climate.set_preset_mode

Available options include: home, vacation, no_frost, asleep & away.


# Example script changing the active (or currently set by schedule) preset
      - service: climate.set_preset_mode
          preset_mode: asleep

Supported devices

The current implementation of the Python module (Plugwise-Smile) includes:

Adam (zone_control):

  • v3.0

  • v2.3

  • Devices supported are Floor, Lisa, Tom, Koen and Plug - note a Koen always comes with a Plug (the active part)

Anna (thermostat):

  • v4.0
  • v3.1
  • v1.8

Smile P1 (DSMR):

  • v4.0
  • v3.3
  • v2.5