P1 Monitor

The P1 Monitor integration integrates the P1 Monitor API platform with Home Assistant.

P1 Monitor is a platform that allows you to read the data from your smart meter via the serial port (P1), such as your energy consumption, but also that of gas or a water meter.


To add the P1 Monitor integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


The P1 Monitor platform mainly provides sensors that you can use in your energy dashboard.

Note that by default, the gas consumption entities are disabled, so if you want to use them, you need to enable them manually.


Read out what your meter readings are for energy consumption/yield, see what your current power consumption is and in which tariff period you are currently.

  • Gas Consumption (m3)
  • Power Consumption / Production (W)
  • Energy Consumption Low/High (kWh)
  • Energy Production Low/High (kWh)
  • Energy Tariff Period (low / high)


See per phase what your voltage, current and power consumption/production is.

  • Voltage phases L1/2/3 (V)
  • Current Phases L1/2/3 (A)
  • Power consumed phases L1/2/3 (W)
  • Power Produced phases L1/2/3 (W)



You need to run at least version 1.1.0 of P1 Monitor, to use a water meter.

See how much water you consume per day, in total and the number of counted pulses.

  • Water Consumption - day (liters)
  • Water Consumption - total (m3)
  • Pulse Count


You can use the rates set in P1 Monitor for your calculations in Home Assistant.

  • Gas Consumption Price
  • Energy Consumption Price Low/High
  • Energy Production Price Low/High