Integrates Oral-B devices into Home Assistant.


To add the Oral-B integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

The Oral-B integration will automatically discover devices once the Bluetooth integration is enabled and functional.

The integration can discover most Bluetooth-enabled Oral-B toothbrushes. Brushes not listed as supported below may not be correctly identified or have some modes missing.

Supported devices


  • Mode - selected cleaning mode e.g. daily clean.
  • Number of sectors - brushing areas set in the Set Pacer Visualisation in the brushing preferences in the mobile app.
  • Sector - the current sector of brush goal you are in (i.e. if brush goal is 2:00 minutes, and you are at 0:37, you are in sector 2)
  • Time - total brushing time in seconds.
  • Toothbrush state - whether the toothbrush is running, idle.
  • Battery - toothbrush battery percentage.
Updates of the battery sensor require an active Bluetooth connection and relatively close proximity. If you use a Bluetooth proxy, please ensure it supports active connections. All the other sensors update with active or passive connections.