The NZBGet integration allows you to monitor and control your downloads with NZBGet from within Home Assistant. It also allows you to setup automation based on the information.


To add the NZBGet integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


This integration will create these sensors:

  • nzbget_article_cache: Article cache size in MB.
  • nzbget_average_speed: Average download rate since server start in MB/s.
  • nzbget_download_paused: Whether downloading is paused.
  • nzbget_speed: Current download rate in MB/s.
  • nzbget_queue_size: Remaining size to download in MB.
  • nzbget_disk_free: Free disk space at the storage location of NZBGet.
  • nzbget_post_processing_jobs: Number of Par-Jobs or Post-processing script jobs in the post-processing queue.
  • nzbget_post_processing_paused: Whether post processing is paused.
  • nzbget_uptime: NZBGet server uptime.
  • nzbget_size: Amount of data downloaded since server start in MB.
  • nzbget_speed_limit: Download queue speed limit in MB/s.

Event automation

The NZBGet integration continuously monitors nzbget’s download history. When a download completes, an event usable for automation is triggered on the Home Assistant Bus.

Possible events are:

  • nzbget_download_complete

The event includes the name, category, and status of the downloaded nzb.

Example automation to send a Telegram message on a completed download:

- alias: "Completed Torrent"
    platform: event
    event_type: nzbget_download_complete
  - event_data:
    category: tv
    service: notify.telegram_notifier
      title: "Download completed!"
      message: "{{}}"


Available services:

  • pause: Pause the download queue.
  • resume: Resume the download queue.
  • set_speed: Set the download queue speed limit.

Service nzbget/set_speed

Service data attribute Optional Description
speed yes Sets the download speed limit, specified in Kb/s. 0 disables the speed limit. Defaults to 1000.