The nuki platform allows you to control Nuki Smart Locks via either a software bridge or a physical bridge.

To add a Nuki bridge to your installation, you need to enable developer mode on your bridge and define a port and an access token. This can be achieved using the Android app or iPhone app. Please note that the API token should be 6-20 characters long, even though the app allows you to set a longer one. Then add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: nuki
    token: fe2345ef

Configuration Variables



The IP or hostname of the Nuki bridge.



The port on which the Nuki bridge is listening on.

Default value:




The token that was defined when setting up the bridge.


Service lock_n_go

This will first unlock, wait a few seconds (20 by default) then re-lock. The wait period can be customized through the app. See the Nuki Website for more details about this feature.

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes String or list of strings that point at entity_ids Nuki Locks.
unlatch yes Boolean - Whether to unlatch the door when first opening it.