The Nuki integration allows you to control Nuki Smart Locks via a Nuki Bridge.


To add a Nuki bridge to your installation, you need to enable developer mode on your bridge and define a port and an access token. This can be achieved using the Android app or iPhone app. Go to manage my devices, and select the bridge. Within the bridge configuration turn on the HTTP API and check the details in the screen. Please note that the API token should be 6-20 characters long, even though the app allows you to set a longer one. For faster updates, the callback function of the Nuki bridge can be used. This requires your Home Assistant to be reachable via HTTP by the Nuki bridge, as HTTPS is not supported by the Nuki bridge.


To add the Nuki integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Nuki can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as Discovered. You can then set it up right away.


Hostname or IP address of your Nuki bridge, e.g.,


Port of the Nuki bridge HTTP API, default is 8080.


Token to authenticate against the Nuki bridge HTTP API.

Use an encrypted token for authentication

Use an encrypted token for API calls to the bridge. This should only be deactivated if you experience issues with the API (authentication, etc). The default is True.


Service nuki.lock_n_go

This will first unlock, wait a few seconds (20 by default) then re-lock. The wait period can be customized through the app. See the Nuki Website for more details about this feature.

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes String or list of strings that point at entity_ids Nuki Locks.
unlatch yes Boolean - Whether to unlatch the door when first opening it.

Service nuki.set_continuous_mode

This service allows you to enable or disable the “Continuous Mode” feature of Nuki Openers. This is similar to the Ring-to-Open feature that is mapped to “lock/unlock”, except that it doesn’t have a time limit - as long as this mode is enabled, the door will open when the buzzer button is pressed, similar to how it works at e.g. a doctor’s office or other business during the day. On other Nuki products, this service is a no-op.

Service data attribute Optional Description
entity_id yes String or list of strings that point at entity_ids Nuki Locks.
enabled yes Boolean - Set to true to enable Continuous Mode, or false to disable.


Event nuki_event

Events generated by Nuki are sent as events of type nuki_event with the following content:

Event data attribute Description
type The type of the event. Values: ring
entity_id The ID of the entity generating the event.

MQTT support

The Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro also supports MQTT and can directly integrate with Home Assistant through MQTT discovery. Specific information can be found here.