The nmbs platform will create sensors for monitoring travel time and information between 2 stations.


To enable this sensor, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: nmbs
    station_from: "STATION_1"
    station_to: "STATION_2"
    station_live: "STATION_1"
    exclude_vias: true

The stations can only be provided by their standard names and not ids. The list of stations can be checked on the NMBS/SNCB website but for most accurate results check them on the iRail API page which this integration uses internally.

Configuration Variables

station_from string Required

The station where the connection departs.

station_to string Required

The station where the connection arrives.

station_live string (Optional)

Setting this will create another sensor to monitor the liveboard in a station.

exclude_vias boolean (Optional, default: false)

Setting this will not show connections for which you have to transfer to another station.

name string (Optional)

Name to use in the frontend.


NMBS, NMBS Live for the liveboard sensor when set.

show_on_map boolean (Optional, default: false)

Show the station on the map.

Example using the Entity Attributes custom card