Minecraft Server

Minecraft servers allow players to play the sandbox video game Minecraft by Mojang AB online or via a local area network with other players. The Minecraft Server integration lets you retrieve information from a Minecraft server (Java edition) within Home Assistant.

The server must be version 1.7 or higher, since older versions don't expose any information.

Configuration via the frontend

In the settings go to Integrations, click on the + sign to add an integration and click on Minecraft Server. After completing the configuration flow, the Minecraft Server integration will be available.

Binary sensors

This integration provides a binary sensor for the following information from a Minecraft server:

  • Connection status


This integration provides sensors for the following information from a Minecraft server:

  • Latency time
  • Version
  • Protocol version
  • Number of online players (player names are available in state attributes)
  • Number of maximum players