Met Éireann

The Met Éireann integration uses the Met Éireann (The Irish Meteorological Service) Public Weather Forecast API to provide current and forecasted weather data for a given location. This integration is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Met Éireann.

The Met Éireann API will only provide data for Ireland, the UK and a small part of northern France. For specific coverage, please see the Notes on API document available here.


To add the Met Éireann integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Data license

The data provided by Met Éireann is licensed under the Met Éireann Open Data Custom License (similar to a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license). A license summary and the full license are available here. In short, if you distribute, broadcast or make Met Éireann data available on the public internet you must give credit to Met Éireann and display their weather warnings.

Data changes

The only changes made to the data gathered from the API are the condition descriptions which are mapped to the weather conditions supported by Home Assistant.