Use your Meraki AP as device tracker. Note that Meraki will see all devices, not only connected to the network.


  1. Go to Network-wide/General page, and find the Location and scanning section.
  2. Make sure analytics and Scanning API are both enabled.
  3. Make note of the Validator string, which will be used in the device_tracker configuration.
  4. Click Add a Post URL:
    1. Set the Post URL to https://YOUR_HOSTNAME/api/meraki
    2. Set the Secret to a randomly generated string, and make note of it for the device_tracker configuration.
    3. Make sure the API Version is set to 2.0.
    4. Hit Save in the bottom right of the page.


After you configure access to the Meraki CMX API, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: meraki
    secret: your_secret
    validator: meraki_validator

Configuration Variables

secret string Required

Secret code added in Meraki.

validator string Required

Validation string from Meraki.