Medcom Bluetooth

Integrates International Medcom Bluetooth-enabled radiation monitors into Home Assistant.

International Medcom is an American company that manufactures radiation detection instruments that are used in professional environments, for home and office, and by community projects worldwide.

This integration supports the Medcom Inspector BLE via a Bluetooth low-energy interface.


To add the Medcom Bluetooth integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

The Medcom Bluetooth integration will automatically discover devices once the Bluetooth integration is enabled and working. It will list each detected Inspector using its Bluetooth MAC address as the serial number.

To limit the load on the Bluetooth radio on the Home Assistant side, the integration only polls for a reading every 5 minutes, which should be adequate for ongoing background monitoring. An Inspector BLE battery should last several months with continuous use before needing replacement.

Supported devices

  • Medcom Inspector BLE


This integration adds a counts-per-minute (“CPM”) sensor for each detected Inspector BLE device. See the Inspector BLE manual for how to convert this CPM reading into another unit if desired, which can be done via a custom template sensor