The marytts text-to-speech platform uses MaryTTS text-to-speech engine to read a text with natural sounding voices.


To enable text-to-speech with MaryTTS, add the following lines to your configuration.yaml:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: marytts

Configuration Variables

host string (Optional, default: localhost)

The MaryTTS server hostname or IP address.

port integer (Optional, default: 59125)

The MaryTTS server port.

codec string (Optional, default: WAVE_FILE)

The audio codec. Supported codecs are AIFF_FILE, AU_FILE and WAVE_FILE.

voice string (Optional)

The speaker voice.



language string (Optional, default: en_US)

The language to use. Supported languages are de, en_GB, en_US, fr, it, lb, ru, sv, te and tr.

effect map (Optional)

A dictionary of effects which should be applied to the speech output.

See documentation for details.

Speech effects

For more information about the different effects take a look at the demo page of your MaryTTS installation (http://localhost:59125/).

There you can read about each effect and also test them on the fly.

Full configuration example

A full configuration sample including optional variables:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: marytts
    host: "localhost"
    port: 59125
    codec: "WAVE_FILE"
    voice: "cmu-slt-hsmm"
    language: "en_US"
      Volume: "amount:2.0;"
      TractScaler: "amount:1.5;"
      F0Scale: "f0Scale:2.0;"
      F0Add: "f0Add:50.0;"
      Rate: "durScale:1.5;"
      Robot: "amount:100.0;"
      Whisper: "amount:100.0;"
      Stadium: "amount:100.0"
      Chorus: "delay1:466;amp1:0.54;delay2:600;amp2:-0.10;delay3:250;amp3:0.30"
      FIRFilter: "type:3;fc1:500.0;fc2:2000.0"
      JetPilot: ""