Honeywell Lyric

The Honeywell Lyric integration integrates the Lyric thermostat platform into Home Assistant.


To set up this integration, you first must set up a developer account with Honeywell using the same email address as your Resideo account:

  1. Go to the developer site and register with an account.
  2. Next, create a new app via the My Apps section.
    1. App Name: You can use any name here, but it must not contain special characters.
    2. Callback URL:
    3. The app will be approved automatically. To view the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values, select the name of the app. Copy the values, you will need them later.

You can then add the integration in the frontend via the steps below.


To add the Honeywell Lyric integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

Honeywell Lyric can be auto-discovered by Home Assistant. If an instance was found, it will be shown as Discovered. You can then set it up right away.

The integration configuration will ask for the Client ID and Client Secret, which correspond to the Consumer values in the app you created above. See Application Credentials for more details.


This integration provides the following sensors:

Name Description
Indoor Temperature The reported temperature from the device
Indoor Humidity The reported humidity from the device
Outdoor Temperature Lyric’s outdoor temperature report
Outdoor Humidity Lyric’s outdoor humidity
Next Period Time The next time the thermostat will change
Setpoint Status A description of the setpoint of the device

Additional sensors will be created for each room sensor accessory assigned to a thermostat device, if applicable:

Name Description
Room Temperature The temperature reported from a room sensor accessory
Room Humidity The humidity reported from a room accessory