The Litter-Robot integration allows you to control and monitor your Wi-Fi-enabled, automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats.

You will need a Litter-Robot account as well as a Wi-Fi-enabled Litter-Robot unit that has already been associated with your account.

The Feeder-Robot is not currently supported by this integration.


Adding Litter-Robot to your Home Assistant instance can be done via the user interface, by using this My button:

Manual configuration steps


The following entities are created for this component and identified by a single device per Litter-Robot unit:

Entity Domain Description
Litter Box vacuum Main entity that represents a Litter-Robot unit.
Night Light Mode switch When turned on, automatically turns on the night light in darker settings.
Panel Lockout switch When turned on, disables the buttons on the unit to prevent changes to settings.
Sleep Mode Start Time sensor When sleep mode is enabled, displays the current or next sleep mode start time.
Sleep Mode End Time sensor When sleep mode is enabled, displays the current or last sleep mode end time.
Waste Drawer sensor Displays the current waste drawer level.
Clean Cycle Wait Time Minutes select View and select the clean cycle wait time.
Reset Waste Drawer button Button to reset the waste drawer level to 0%.

Additional Attributes

Some entities have attributes in addition to the default ones that are available for that platform. They are listed below.

Litter Box vacuum entity

Attribute Type Description
clean_cycle_wait_time_minutes integer Current wait time, in minutes, between when your cat uses the Litter-Robot and when the unit cycles automatically.
is_sleeping boolean Whether or not the unit is currently in sleep mode.
sleep_mode_enabled boolean Whether or not sleep mode is enabled.
power_status string Current power status of the unit. AC indicates normal power, DC indicates battery backup and NC indicates that the unit is not connected and/or powered off.
status_code string The status code associated with the current status of the vacuum.
last_seen string UTC datetime the unit last reported its status.


Services are utilized for additional functionality that is available in the Litter-Robot companion app. The following are currently available:


Enables (with start_time parameter) or disables sleep mode on the Litter-Robot.

Parameter Type Required Description
enabled bool yes Set to true to enable and false to disable.
start_time string no Time at which the unit will enter sleep mode and prevent an automatic clean cycle for 8 hours. This param uses the 24-hour format string %H:%M:%S, with seconds being optional, and is based on the timezone configured for your Home Assistant installation. As such, 10:30:00 would indicate 10:30 AM, whereas 22:30:00 would indicate 10:30 PM.

Example of setting the sleep mode to begin at 10:30 PM.

service: litterrobot.set_sleep_mode
  entity_id: vacuum.litter_robot_litter_box
  enabled: true
  start_time: "22:30:00"