The lightwave integration links Home Assistant with your Lightwave WiFi link for controlling Lightwave lights, switches and TRVs.

This integration uses the official API published by Lightwave on their website To add your Lightwave devices into your Home Assistant installation, add the following to your configuration.yaml file:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  host: IP_ADDRESS
      name: Wall lights
      name: Ceiling lights
      name: Tree socket
      name: Radio socket
      name: Light socket
      name: Phone socket
      name: Torch socket

Configuration Variables

host string Required

IP address of your Lightwave hub

lights map (Optional)

List of lights you wish to configure

name string Required

Name of the Light

switches map (Optional)

List of switches you wish to configure

name string Required

Name of the Switch

trv map (Optional)

TRV configuration

proxy_ip string (Optional, default:

IP address of a proxy for TRV integration.

proxy_port integer (Optional, default: 7878)

IP port address of a proxy for TRV integration.

trvs map (Optional)

List of TRVs you wish to configure

name string Required

Name of the TRV

serial string Required

Serial Number of the TRV

Where IP_ADDRESS is the IP address of your Lightwave hub. Each switch or light requires an id and a name. The id takes the form R#D# where R# is the room number and D# is the device number.

lights and switches are optional but one of these must be present.

The first use of a light or switch will try to register with your Lightwave WiFi Link hub. If the hub has not been registered a message on your hub will be displayed asking you to pair the device. You have 12 seconds to push the button on your hub to accept this. Once done, you should be able to control your lights and switches via Home Assistant. This only needs to be done if the hub has not been registered.


Lightwave Thermostatic Radiator Values (TRV) are supported but require an additional proxy to capture the current TRV temperature. See LWProxy

# Example TRV configuration.yaml for TRVs
  host: IP_ADDRESS
      name: Bedroom Light
      proxy_ip:       # Proxy address, do not change unless running on a different server
      proxy_port: 7878          # Do not change, unless a port clash
        R1Dh:                       # The ID of the TRV.
          name: Bedroom TRV
          serial: E84902            # Serial number of the TRV - found in the Lightwave App, or web site