LD2410 BLE

Integrates LD2410 BLE sensors from Hi-Link into Home Assistant.


To add the LD2410 BLE integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:

You can currently configure the settings for motion/static triggers by USB with either the desktop software via Bluetooth. Download HLKRadarTool on Google Play or the App Store.

(This integration may not work if you reconfigure the default password or the number of gates.)

Sensors provided

The following sensors are provided:

  • Motion detected
  • Occupancy detected
  • Moving target distance & energy*
  • Static target distance & energy*
  • Detection distance*
  • Number of moving/static gates
  • Moving energy at gates 0-8*
  • Static energy at gates 0-8*

* Denotes entity is hidden by default, but can be enabled in the UI.


There are multiple similar versions of the board. Make sure to buy the LD2410B or LD2410C versions as these are the ones with Bluetooth and have been tested. The C variant has 2.54mm pitch pins which is the one used by Arduino type devices, whereas the B variant has half pitch pins.

You can buy this module bareboard or in a devkit from AliExpress.