JVC Projector

The JVC Projector integration allows for the automation of JVC Projectors.

Supported models

This integration is intended for the automation of any modern JVC Projector with a LAN network port.


To add the JVC Projector integration to your Home Assistant instance, use this My button:


The JVC Projector remote platform will create a Remote entity for the device. This entity allows you to send the following commands via the remote.send_command service.

  • menu
  • up
  • down
  • left
  • right
  • ok
  • back
  • info
  • input
  • hide
  • mpc
  • cmd
  • advanced_menu
  • picture_mode
  • color_profile
  • lens_control
  • setting_memory
  • gamma_settings
  • hdmi_1
  • hdmi_2
  • mode_1
  • mode_2
  • mode_3
  • lens_ap
  • gamma
  • color_temp
  • natural
  • cinema
  • anamo
  • 3d_format

Binary sensor

The following sensor types are supported:

  • Power on is True when projector is in status “on”, “warming”


Introduces two sensors to detect Power Status and HDMI Input.

Detailed Power Status values:

  • standby
  • on
  • warming
  • cooling
  • error

Please note that if the projector is off, it will not respond to remote polling and will show as unavailable.

Detailed HDMI Input values:

  • hdmi1
  • hdmi2


The following Select entities are added. They allow changing the device state from a list of options.

  • input