Irish Rail Transport

The irish_rail_transport sensor will give you the time until the next two departures (within 90 minutes) from an Irish Rail station using the RTPI information.

A station name is the full station name as specified on the Irish Rail search site, for example, Tara Street or Dublin Connolly.

To activate the sensor add the data to your configuration.yaml file as shown in the example:

# Example configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: irish_rail_transport
    station: "Tara Street"
    name: "To Greystones"

Configuration Variables

station string Required

The name of the station.

direction string (Optional)

The direction of the train. Typically either Northbound or Southbound.

destination string (Optional)

The name of the destination station to filter by.

stops_at string (Optional)

An optional filter based on the name of a station that the train stops at.

name string (Optional, default: Next Train)

A friendly name for this sensor.

Using the stops_at option will cause an extra request per train found. Therefore, if you are looking at a busy station, it is recommended that you also use at least one other filter. For example:

# Example full configuration.yaml entry
  - platform: irish_rail_transport
    station: "Tara Street"
    direction: Southbound
    destination: Greystones
    stops_at: "Dun Laoghaire"
    name: "To Greystones"

The above example will show the next 2 Southbound trains that leave Tara Street station, going to Greystones via Dun Laoghaire: